Advanced Ordering

Order in advance and pickup curbside

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we are offering gardeners and those wanting to plan their own “Victory Garden” a way to order plants and not expose themselves to the Covid-19 virus.

To order simply download the Excel document and fill it out.  When you have completed the form, save it and email it back to us at  We will then contact you with a time your order will be ready for pickup or we can schedule a delivery ($20/delivery, over $150 free, excludes soil by the yard).  Delivery for soil by the yard is $30 if you are within 10 miles of us, or $40 if you are over 10 miles away.

Orders will need to be picked up or delivered within 48 hours.

If you don’t have Microsoft Excel 

If you don’t have Excel, you can simply download the following PDF and make an order by phone.  You can print the PDF, mark your order.  Once you have it ready simply call us at (509) 678-4998 and we’ll do this old school 😉