Garden Décor
All beautiful gardens are complimented and enhanced by just the right piece of garden art.  The soft soothing sound of water spilling over the edge of a fountain or a waterfall nestled in a lush landscape adds another dimension to your outdoor living area.  Here at Cowiche Creek Nursery we provide you a great selection of fountains, arbors, trellis and more.  New things are arriving continually.

Plant Care
We offer a hand-picked selection of products for your gardening needs including pesticides for control of insects, mites and diseases and fertilizers both chemical and organic

Our plants are grown in the soil formulated and blended here at the Nursery. These soils match the needs of our unique Yakima Valley climate, balanced with nutrients, organic products, and top soil. Our soil provides the basis for the healthiest plants possible. These soils are now available bagged or bulk so you can enjoy the same success with your plantings.  Our top soil has been carefully selected and is a rich loam with medium texture.

Available in the following mixes:

  • Potting soil - Use in baskets and flower containers.
  • Tree & shrub - Use for trees and shrubs planted in containers.
  • Vegetable soil - Use for vegetables planted in containers.
  • Citrus Tree soil - Use for citrus trees planted in containers.


  • Bagged organic mulches specifically for use in transplanting trees and shrubs
  • Bark mulches bagged and bulk
  • Organic mulches bulk